Feature of King Farm House

a) One Dinning at earthlevel and 2 Bedrooms at 12ft height from groundlevel with china type roof. b) One Swimming Pool c) Rain Dance  d) Batminton Court  e) Rock Claiming  f) Lawn Of 8000sq Ft.  g) Live Kitchen  h) Kitchen Garden  i) Different Fruit Trees

 Feature of Revolving Farm House

a) At the height of 25ft One Dinning,Two Bedrooms with china type roof  b) At 25ft height one Still Garden  c) One Swimming Pool  d) Mushroom Swimming Pool for childrens
e) Still Balcony from all sides at the height of 25ft.  f) Kitchen Garden g) Different Fruit Trees  h) Live Kitchen at Swimming Pool area.  i) Fully Palace type lighting outsides.